Realeo provides Title Insurance and Escrow services to a customer base of national and regional direct lenders and mortgage brokers. The management group has over 20 years history working together in the field with proven profitability and consistent annual growth. Realeo is staffed with operational and administrative employees that combine over 75 years of Title Insurance and Escrow experience with solid customer relationships.

Most real estate transactions require Title Insurance and Escrow Services. These transactions range from the traditional, including but not limited to the purchase of homes, refinance of existing loans, and home equity loans, as well as non-traditional transactions such as foreclosure, bank owned sales, loan modifications, credit extensions, and short sales. Those transactions involving real estate that do not require insurance still require data products before closing. The Realeo management team has closed over 3,000,000 of these types of transactions.

While the mortgage and real estate industry has recently gone through a period of lower originations and lower sales, the demand for Title Insurance and Escrow Services remains high. The downturn in the market has additionally forced many companies in the industry to leave the space entirely. This has limited the remaining originators to fewer providers with which they can place orders. The large providers, while having a vast spectrum of products and technology, fall well short when it comes to customer service. Realeo offers a full suite of products without degradation of service. We believe this will differentiate Realeo from the competition.

Realeo utilizes a centralized processing and fulfillment model, with one company-wide operating system, and extensive direct integrations with customers and outsourcing providers to effect real time access of information and status to our customers. The Company intends to acquire licenses and product solutions in all 50 states. The Company intends to operate in a paperless environment with all data stored electronically effectuating immediate access to customers and employees.

Additionally, Realeo intends to partner with several underwriters as an agent to enable the offering of all current insurance products available. We believe these multi-underwriter relationships will allow for broader access to title plants and data integrations. Each of the major underwriters has their own proprietary databases that their individual direct operations are mandated to use. These databases range in depth and accuracy from region to region. For example, one underwriter may have accurate plant data on the west coast while their east coast coverage is limited. By partnering with several different underwriters and data sources, we believe that Realeo will have an advantage over these operations in the speed and accuracy with which we provide products.


Joseph Montag

Joseph Montag serves as the President/CEO for Realeo and is responsible for all operations and client relationships across title and settlement services within the company. Prior to Realeo, Mr. Montag has overseen some of the largest national title agencies, including Lenders Frist Choice and more recently, Timios, Inc. Throughout his career he has had relationships representing some of the largest lenders in the United States. Mr. Montag brings over 23 years of experience in the title insurance industry, specializing in digitized, automated, centralized processing of national clients.

Matthew D. Hall

Matthew D. Hall serves as the Chief Operating Officer for the Company. Mr. Hall has over 20 years of experience in the title insurance industry. Prior to Realeo, Mr. Hall was EVP of Operations for Timios, Inc. Prior to Timios, Mr. Hall led the title unit for Lenders First Choice, overseeing the daily production of Preliminary Title Reports and Title Commitments for National Lenders. Additionally, Mr. Hall developed several integrated processes to streamline production and create efficient workflows to help grow LFC. Mr. Hall graduated from California Lutheran University with a BA in Political Science.

Paz Olson-Pacheco

Paz Olson-Pacheco serves as Chief Financial Officer for the Company. Mr. Olson-Pacheco has 20 years of experience in the title insurance industry. Prior to Realeo, Mr. Olson-Pacheco served in both Controller and VP of Treasury Management roles for Timios, Inc., managing over 40 bank accounts and overseeing daily cash balances in excess of $50M. Prior to Timios, Mr. Olson-Pacheco gained experience in both closing and accounting functions at Lenders First Choice, acquiring a unique skill set and understanding of operational workflow. Mr. Olson-Pacheco graduated from California Lutheran university with a BS in Accounting.

Yutaka Sarumaru

Yutaka Sarumaru serves as Chief Technology Officer for the Company and is responsible for all Information Technology operations and teams across the Company. Mr. Sarumaru brings 19 years of experience in the title insurance industry specializing in designing and developing differentiating applications and integrations. Mr. Sarumaru holds a Master's Degree in Computer Science from UCLA. 

Amye Corrado

Amye Corrado serves as the Vice President of Operations for the Company. Ms. Corrado has 13 years of experience in national title and settlement services. She is also a licensed Escrow Officer for the state of Texas. Prior to joining Realeo, Ms. Corrado oversaw multiple national title and closing teams, responsible for over 1,000 closings per month.

Martin Adiwibowo

Martin Adiwibowo also serves as Vice President of Operations for the Company. Mr. Adiwibowo brings 20 plus years of experiences running national title and settlement teams. He is also a licensed title producer in multiple states. Prior to joining the Realeo team, Martin has held positions overseeing operations for national title agencies. Mr. Adiwibowo specializes in lender services along with operational efficiencies. 


Raymond B. Davison - Chairman/Director

Trevor G. Stoffer - Director

Joseph Montag - Director

Realeo management has considerable advantages over our competitors, with our established relationships and integration experience, combined with our process model with already proven success. The Company intends to provide its customers with the highest standard in customer service and product delivery through the use of superior technology and process models necessary in today’s market.